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Hey, I'm Lara - I'm a midwest dwelling dog mom of two.  I design here.  I like everything dark: coffee, chocolate, comedy.  (No, I'm not lost on the irony there.)  Come chat with me: @theprettybasic  

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Recent Posts

January 24, 2018

I realize it's 2018 already.  THESE are the products that made the cut!

1.  This crazy-affordable hair dryer that cuts my drying time in half:

It comes in blush/rose gold to satisfy my #basic instincts. 

2.  Girl drop that hairspray NOW!  This dry wax holds well, sme...

January 2, 2018

1.  This stylish lightning cable for your iPhone (it's super long so you don't have to hang over the arm of the couch to finish Trivia Crack while it charges).

2.  These glasses that would totally survive that 4th glass stumble fairy.  (Just, mind the furniture.)


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